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[movies]Pearl Arredondo: My story, from gangland daughter to star teacher - TED.com
Pearl Arredondo grew up in East Los Angeles, the daughter of a high-ranking gang member who was in and out of jail. Many teachers wrote her off as having a problem with authority. Now a teacher herself, she’s creating a different kind of school and telling students her story so that they know it's okay if sometimes homework isn’t the first thing on their minds.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; education; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 174
[movies]Geoffrey Canada: Our failing schools. Enough is enough! - TED.com
Why, why, why does our education system look so similar to the way it did 50 years ago? Millions of students were failing then, as they are now -- and it’s because we’re clinging to a business model that clearly doesn’t work. Education advocate Geoffrey Canada dares the system to look at the data, think about the customers and make systematic shifts in order to help greater numbers of kids excel.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; children; education; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 134
[movies]Ken Robinson: How to escape education's death valley - TED.com
Sir Ken Robinson outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish -- and how current education culture works against them. In a funny, stirring talk he tells us how to get out of the educational "death valley" we now face, and how to nurture our youngest generations with a climate of possibility.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; education; student; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 1,063
[movies]Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion - TED.com
Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids." Her response: "Kids don't learn from people they don’t like.’” A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; education; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 917
[movies]Malcolm London: “High School Training Ground” - TED.com
Young poet, educator and activist Malcom London performs his stirring poem about life on the front lines of high school. He tells of the “oceans of adolescence” who come to school “but never learn to swim,” of “masculinity mimicked by men who grew up with no fathers.” Beautiful, lyrical, chilling.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; education; poetry; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 150
[movies]Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit - TED.com
Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. Here, she explains her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; education; psychology; success; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 1,051
[movies]Ramsey Musallam: 3 rules to spark learning - TED.com
It took a life-threatening condition to jolt chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam out of ten years of “pseudo-teaching” to understand the true role of the educator: to cultivate curiosity. In a fun and personal talk, Musallam gives 3 rules to spark imagination and learning, and get students excited about how the world works.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; chemistry; education; science; student; technology; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 186
[movies]Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback - TED.com
Until recently, many teachers only got one word of feedback a year: “satisfactory.” And with no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve. Bill Gates suggests that even great teachers can get better with smart feedback -- and lays out a program from his foundation to bring it to every classroom.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; education; global issues; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 266
[movies]John Legend: "True Colors" - TED.com
In a heart-melting moment, Education host John Legend sits at the piano to sing "True Colors," giving the lyrics a special meaning for kids and teachers. "So don't be afraid / to let them show / your true colors / are beautiful, like a rainbow."
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; education; live music; piano; TED Talks Education; 2013
Downloads: 2,497
[movies]Suzanne Talhouk: Don't kill your language - TED.com
More and more, English is a global language; speaking it is perceived as a sign of being modern. But -- what do we lose when we leave behind our mother tongues? Suzanne Talhouk makes an impassioned case to love your own language, and to cherish what it can express that no other language can. In Arabic with subtitles. (Filmed at TEDxBeirut.)
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; education; language; poetry; politics; TEDxBeirut; 2012
Downloads: 93
[movies]Stuart Firestein: The pursuit of ignorance - TED.com
What does real scientific work look like? As neuroscientist Stuart Firestein jokes: It looks a lot less like the scientific method and a lot more like "farting around … in the dark." In this witty talk, Firestein gets to the heart of science as it is really practiced and suggests that we should value what we don’t know -- or “high-quality ignorance” -- just as much as what we know.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; education; humor; neuroscience; science; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 129
[movies]Conrad Wolfram: Teaching kids real math with computers - TED.com
From rockets to stock markets, many of humanity's most thrilling creations are powered by math. So why do kids lose interest in it? Conrad Wolfram says the part of math we teach -- calculation by hand -- isn't just tedious, it's mostly irrelevant to real mathematics and the real world. He presents his radical idea: teaching kids math through computer programming.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2010; TED; Talks; computers; education; math; technology; 2010
Downloads: 136
[movies]John Hardy: My green school dream - TED.com
Join John Hardy on a tour of the Green School, his off-the-grid school in Bali that teaches kids how to build, garden, create (and get into college). The centerpiece of campus is the spiraling Heart of School, perhaps the world's largest freestanding bamboo building.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; design; education; green; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 208
[movies]Peter Doolittle: How your "working memory" makes sense of the world - TED.com
"Life comes at us very quickly, and what we need to do is take that amorphous flow of experience and somehow extract meaning from it." In this funny, enlightening talk, educational psychologist Peter Doolittle details the importance -- and limitations -- of your "working memory," that part of the brain that allows us to make sense of what's happening right now.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; brain; education; memory; science; TEDGlobal 2013; 2013
Downloads: 90
[movies]Daphne Bavelier: Your brain on video games - TED.com
How do fast-paced video games affect the brain? Step into the lab with cognitive researcher Daphne Bavelier to hear surprising news about how video games, even action-packed shooter games, can help us learn, focus and, fascinatingly, multitask.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; brain; education; gaming; TEDxCHUV; 2012
Downloads: 614
[movies]Stephen Ritz: A teacher growing green in the South Bronx - TED.com
A whirlwind of energy and ideas, Stephen Ritz is a teacher in New York's tough South Bronx, where he and his kids grow lush gardens for food, greenery -- and jobs. Just try to keep up with this New York treasure as he spins through the many, many ways there are to grow hope in a neighborhood many have written off, or in your own.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; education; green; TEDxManhattan; 2012
Downloads: 250
[movies]Timothy Bartik: The economic case for preschool - TED.com
In this well-argued talk, Timothy Bartik makes the macro-economic case for preschool education -- and explains why you should be happy to invest in it, even if you don't have kids that age (or kids at all). The economic benefits of well-educated kids, it turns out, go well beyond the altruistic. (Filmed at TEDxMiamiUniversity.)
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; culture; economics; education; TEDxMiamiUniversity; 2012
Downloads: 138
[movies]Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs - TED.com
Bored in school, failing classes, at odds with peers: This child might be an entrepreneur, says Cameron Herold. At TEDxEdmonton, he makes the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish -- as kids and as adults.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; business; children; education; entrepreneur; money; TEDxEdmonton; 2009
Downloads: 126
[movies]Ben Cameron: The true power of the performing arts - TED.com
Arts administrator and live-theater fan Ben Cameron looks at the state of the live arts -- asking: How can the magic of live theater, live music, live dance compete with the always-on Internet? At TEDxYYC, he offers a bold look forward.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxYYC; TED; Talks; arts; education; entertainment; performance; 2010
Downloads: 145
[movies]Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud - TED.com
Onstage at TED2013, Sugata Mitra makes his bold TED Prize wish: Help me design the School in the Cloud, a learning lab in India, where children can explore and learn from each other -- using resources and mentoring from the cloud. Hear his inspiring vision for Self Organized Learning Environments (SOLE), and learn more at tedprize.org&g
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; TED Prize; education; technology; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 272
[movies]Arthur Benjamin's formula for changing math education - TED.com
Someone always asks the math teacher, "Am I going to use calculus in real life?" And for most of us, says Arthur Benjamin, the answer is no. He offers a bold proposal on how to make math education relevant in the digital age.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2009; TED; Talks; economics; education; math; statistics; 2009
Downloads: 123
[movies]Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old app developer - TED.com
Most 12-year-olds love playing videogames -- Thomas Suarez taught himself how to create them. After developing iPhone apps like "Bustin Jeiber," a whack-a-mole game, he is now using his skills to help other kids become developers.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; TEDxFeatured; education; entertainment; technology; youth; TEDxManhattanBeach; 2011
Downloads: 216
[movies]James Flynn: Why our IQ levels are higher than our grandparents' - TED.com
In 1900, only 3% of Americans practiced professions that were deemed "cognitively demanding." Today, 35% of us do, and we have all learned to be flexible in the way that we think about problems. In this fascinating and fast-paced spin through the cognitive history of the 20th century, moral philosopher James Flynn makes the case that changes in the way we think have had surprising (and not always positive) consequences.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; education; learning; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 94
[movies]AnnMarie Thomas: Hands-on science with squishy circuits - TED.com
In a zippy demo at TED U, AnnMarie Thomas shows how two different kinds of homemade play dough can be used to demonstrate electrical properties -- by lighting up LEDs, spinning motors, and turning little kids into circuit designers.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; education; science; technology; 2011
Downloads: 106
[movies]Dan Meyer: Math class needs a makeover - TED.com
Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect -- and excel at -- paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them. At TEDxNYED, Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; education; math; student; TEDxNYED; 2010
Downloads: 342
[movies]Ayah Bdeir: Building blocks that blink, beep and teach - TED.com
Imagine a set of electronics as easy to play with as Legos. TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir introduces littleBits, a set of simple, interchangeable blocks that make programming as simple and important a part of creativity as snapping blocks together.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2012; TED; Talks; creativity; education; technology; 2012
Downloads: 179
[movies]Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala - TED.com
Pakistani educator Ziauddin Yousafzai reminds the world of a simple truth that many don’t want to hear: Women and men deserve equal opportunities for education, autonomy, an independent identity. He tells stories from his own life and the life of his daughter, Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 simply for daring to go to school. "Why is my daughter so strong?” Yousafzai asks. “Because I didn’t clip her wings."
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; education; global issues; women; TED2014; 2014
Downloads: 47
[movies]Tyler DeWitt: Hey science teachers -- make it fun - TED.com
High school science teacher Tyler DeWitt was ecstatic about a lesson plan on bacteria (how cool!) -- and devastated when his students hated it. The problem was the textbook: it was impossible to understand. He delivers a rousing call for science teachers to ditch the jargon and extreme precision, and instead make science sing through stories and demonstrations. (Filmed at TEDxBeaconStreet.)
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; biology; children; education; science; TEDxBeaconStreet; 2012
Downloads: 177
[movies]Diana Laufenberg: How to learn? From mistakes - TED.com
Diana Laufenberg shares 3 surprising things she has learned about teaching -- including a key insight about learning from mistakes.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxMidAtlantic; TED; Talks; children; culture; education; 2010
Downloads: 111
[movies]Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! - TED.com
In this poignant, funny follow-up to his fabled 2006 talk, Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning -- creating conditions where kids' natural talents can flourish.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; creativity; education; invention; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 337
[movies]Adora Svitak: What adults can learn from kids - TED.com
Child prodigy Adora Svitak says the world needs "childish" thinking: bold ideas, wild creativity and especially optimism. Kids' big dreams deserve high expectations, she says, starting with grownups' willingness to learn from children as much as to teach.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; creativity; education; intelligence; TED2010; 2010
Downloads: 119
[movies]Jok Church: A circle of caring - TED.com
In this 3-minute talk, cartoonist and educator Jok Church tells a moving story of the teacher who cared for him when no one else did -- and how he returned the favor.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2007; TED; Talks; culture; education; love; storytelling; 2007
Downloads: 77
[movies]Anant Agarwal: Why massively open online courses (still) matter - TED.com
2013 was a year of hype for MOOCs (massively open online courses). Great big numbers and great big hopes were followed by some disappointing first results. But the head of edX, Anant Agarwal, makes the case that MOOCs still matter -- as a way to share high-level learning widely and supplement (but perhaps not replace) traditional classrooms. Agarwal shares his vision of blended learning, where teachers create the ideal learning experience for 21st century students.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Internet; education; technology; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 61
[movies]Shabana Basij-Rasikh: Dare to educate Afghan girls - TED.com
Imagine a country where girls must sneak out to go to school, with deadly consequences if they get caught learning. This was Afghanistan under the Taliban, and traces of that danger remain today. 22-year-old Shabana Basij-Rasikh runs a school for girls in Afghanistan. She celebrates the power of a family's decision to believe in their daughters -- and tells the story of one brave father who stood up to local threats...
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; education; global issues; women; TEDxWomen 2012; 2012
Downloads: 213
[movies]Willard Wigan: Hold your breath for micro-sculpture - TED.com
Willard Wigan tells the story of how a difficult and lonely childhood drove him to discover his unique ability -- to create art so tiny that it can't be seen with the naked eye. His slideshow of figures, as seen through a microscope, can only be described as mind-boggling.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2009; TED; Talks; art; arts; creativity; education; 2009
Downloads: 305
[movies]Christopher Emdin: Teach teachers how to create magic - TED.com
What do rap shows, barbershop banter and Sunday services have in common? As Christopher Emdin says, they all hold the secret magic to enthrall and teach at the same time — and it’s a skill we often don't teach to educators. The science advocate (and cofounder of Science Genius B.A.T.T.L.E.S. with the GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan) offers a vision to make the classroom come alive.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; education; music; science; TED@NYC; 2013
Downloads: 46
[movies]ShaoLan: Learn to read Chinese ... with ease! - TED.com
For foreigners, learning to speak Chinese is a hard task. But learning to read the beautiful, often complex characters of the Chinese written language may be less difficult. ShaoLan walks through a simple lesson in recognizing the ideas behind the characters and their meaning -- building from a few simple forms to more complex concepts. Call it Chineasy.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; china; education; language; TED2013; 2013
Downloads: 1,085
[movies]Kakenya Ntaiya: A girl who demanded school - TED.com
Kakenya Ntaiya made a deal with her father: She would undergo the traditional Maasai rite of passage of female circumcision if he would let her go to high school. Ntaiya tells the fearless story of continuing on to college, and of working with her village elders to build a school for girls in her community. It’s the educational journey of one that altered the destiny of 125 young women. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Africa; activism; development; education; women; TEDxMidAtlantic; 2012
Downloads: 355
[movies]Jarrett Krosoczka: Why lunch ladies are heroes - TED.com
Children’s book author Jarrett Krosoczka shares the origins of the Lunch Lady graphic novel series, in which undercover school heroes serve lunch…and justice! His new project, School Lunch Hero Day, reveals how cafeteria lunch staff provide more than food, and illustrates how powerful a thank you can be.
Keywords: TedTalks; TED; Talks; book; children; education; TED@NYC; 2014
[movies]Shukla Bose: Teaching one child at a time - TED.com
Educating the poor is more than just a numbers game, says Shukla Bose. She tells the story of her groundbreaking Parikrma Humanity Foundation, which brings hope to India's slums by looking past the daunting statistics and focusing on treating each child as an individual.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; children; development; education; poverty; TEDIndia 2009; 2009
Downloads: 78
[movies]Emily Pilloton: Teaching design for change - TED.com
Designer Emily Pilloton moved to rural Bertie County, in North Carolina, to engage in a bold experiment of design-led community transformation. She's teaching a design-build class called Studio H that engages high schoolers' minds and bodies while bringing smart design and new opportunities to the poorest county in the state.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; design; education; poverty; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 271
[movies]Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders - TED.com
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions -- and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDWomen; TED; Talks; business; education; leadership; technology; women; 2010
Downloads: 271
[movies]Hector Ruiz on connecting the world - TED.com
Hector Ruiz, the executive chair of AMD, wants to give Internet access to everyone. In this talk, he shares his extraordinary life story and describes AMD's 50x15 initiative that calls for connecting 50 percent of the world by 2015.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2007; TED; Talks; Africa; education; global issues; philanthropy; technology; 2007
Downloads: 47
[movies]Shimon Schocken's rides of hope - TED.com
Computer science professor Shimon Schocken is also an avid mountain biker. To share the life lessons he learned while riding, he began an outdoor program with Israel's juvenile inmates and was touched by both their intense difficulties and profound successes. Photographs by Raphael Rabinovitz.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxTelAviv 2010; TED; Talks; children; education; leadership; personal growth; sports; storytelling; 2010
Downloads: 72
[movies]Tom Chatfield: 7 ways games reward the brain - TED.com
We're bringing gameplay into more aspects of our lives, spending countless hours -- and real money -- exploring virtual worlds for imaginary treasures. Why? As Tom Chatfield shows, games are perfectly tuned to dole out rewards that engage the brain and keep us questing for more.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; culture; education; entertainment; gaming; technology; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 53
[movies]Joseph Lekuton tells a parable for Kenya - TED.com
Joseph Lekuton, a member of parliament in Kenya, starts with the story of his remarkable education, then offers a parable of how Africa can grow. His message of hope has never been more relevant.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDGlobal 2007; TED; Talks; Africa; collaboration; culture; education; global issues; politics; short talk; 2007
Downloads: 67
[movies]Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together - TED.com
Mae Jemison is an astronaut, a doctor, an art collector, a dancer ... Telling stories from her own education and from her time in space, she calls on educators to teach both the arts and sciences, both intuition and logic, as one -- to create bold thinkers.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2002; TED; Talks; art; arts; dance; education; future; science; space; technology; 2002
Downloads: 85
[movies]John Hunter on the World Peace Game - TED.com
John Hunter puts all the problems of the world on a 4'x5' plywood board -- and lets his 4th-graders solve them. At TED2011, he explains how his World Peace Game engages schoolkids, and why the complex lessons it teaches -- spontaneous, and always surprising -- go further than classroom lectures can.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED2011; TED; Talks; design; education; games; global issues; government; peace; politics; war; 2011
Downloads: 89
[movies]Sheryl WuDunn: Our century's greatest injustice - TED.com
Sheryl WuDunn's book "Half the Sky" investigates the oppression of women globally. Her stories shock. Only when women in developing countries have equal access to education and economic opportunity will we be using all our human resources.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TED; Talks; Slavery; development; economics; education; poverty; third world; trafficking; women; TEDGlobal 2010; 2010
Downloads: 102
[movies]Dave Meslin: The antidote to apathy - TED.com
Local politics -- schools, zoning, council elections -- hit us where we live. So why don't more of us actually get involved? Is it apathy? Dave Meslin says no. He identifies 7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities, even when we truly care.
Keywords: TEDTalks; TEDxToronto 2010; TED; Talks; collaboration; community; culture; education; global issues; politics; 2010
Downloads: 221
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